3 Huskies become best friends when saving a cat from the hands of death

More than six months ago, no one was sure whether kitten Rosie would survive. But, thanks to Lilo the Husky, Rosie miraculously recovered and is now a very happy member of that family.’

3   Huskies and Rosie saw each other like a family



We are three sisters living in California and have loved animals from the very beginning,” the owners told Bored Panda. “Ever since we were little, we’ve been straying and feeding them! We raise funds through the sale of dog bows and bandanas and all proceeds go to our TNR projects that we do for feral cats! You can follow our TNR projects on Finnysfinds on Instagram. ”

“A personal quote from the Children’s book we wrote about Lilo and Rosie is, ‘Love is not seen with the eyes but with the heart. ”

It is not known which rope has linked 3 dogs and a cat into a family. They love each other very much and do everything together. They eat together and sleep together and they look so happy and happy
Sometimes we look back on how hard it is to find a soul mate in life and Rosie did it. It seemed that Rosie could not overcome the hand of death, but by the will of the cat, the strength of that cat and the cooperation of 3 Huskies saved her from the hand of the god of death so that they could become his precious lovers. together

3 Hukies and Rosies the cat are the happiest animals in the world

4 animals live together very happily and happily. The cat is lovingly cared for and protected by 3 Huskies. Looks like a small family



The owners of the animals thought, “I feel so happy when I see these loving animals protecting each other. When I see them, all the fatigue disappears”.

Rosie is still not weaned, so she had a lot of arguments when she was first rescued. She won’t make it through the first night if the husky doesn’t feed her

Lilo cradled her very gently and thanks to her own patience and good nature, the kitten was healed. And having two other Huskies in her new home has helped her immensely when she’s back on her feet!

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