73-Year-Old Elephant Sheds Tears As She’s Being Rescued From Life Of Captivity

73-Year-Old Elephant Sheds Tears As She’s Being Rescued From Life Of Captivity.

However, as harsh as it could be, this reality won’t stop these people who want to help and rescue animals in need.


In fact, it drives them to their sole purpose – to save the voiceless animals from cruel humans. This rescue story involves a 73-year-old elephant named Sook Jai.


All her life, she was forced to work hard and had been mistreated. Sook Jai grew old and weak and her body can no longer take the abuse.

During her life in captivity, she was passed around to different owners for various jobs. The elephant had been forced to work in tourist trekking and street begging, but her health started to deteriorate as she got older. She became blind and lost most of her hearing.

Fortunately, the good people at Elephant Nature Park learned of Sook Jai’s situation and stepped in to give her a new home at their sanctuary.



The rescue center (which is connected to the Save Elephant Foundation) is located in Thailand. Sook Jai would finally have all the beautiful days she deserved.

“Sook Jai had the good fortune of being found by a caring soul who wanted to help to change her life. She was twice lucky when Joan Baez chose to help sponsor SookJai to living free from cruelty for the rest of her life.”


A group of people traveled to pick up Sook Jai. They were prepared to make a 20-hour journey back to the sanctuary. The 73-year-old elephant wasn’t in a healthy condition when they first got her into their custody. Many wounds were found on her head and body from the abuse she’d endured.

During the long ride, the rescuers worked to help care for SookJai and keep her comfortable.

Although they could tell that the poor creature was hungry – she refused to eat. She was tired, exhausted, and unaware of what type of life was just around the corner.



They were like her angels on earth. Elephant Nature Park’s team warmed the truck when it was cold, and cooled the elephant down when it was hot.

Likely, Sook Jai wasn’t used to being treated with such kindness.

At one point during the journey, an emotional moment was captured on film.

It was a beautiful yet painful moment of an elephant that has finally been freed.



A poor helpless elephant who had spend her life working and being mistreated, but now, she knew where she was. She knew she was being rescued.

Sook Jai began to cry.

In the video, the elephant can be seen with actual tears rolling down her face. It’s a sight that’s pulling on heartstrings. One viewer wrote:

“I cried the moment I saw she cried and waving her trunk. She knows she’s free now. Please save and rescue more and more elephants, together we can do it!”


Sook Jai arrived in her loving forever home.

Near the end of the video, the truck pulls up to the sanctuary after their long trip.

Although the blind elephant can’t actually see her new home – she soon discovers what a life of peace is all about.

They end the video saying, “Her life will be without any restraints. She will remain free, as she deserves.”

It’s a rescue story that’s touching people’s hearts across the globe. But it’s not the only one. The YouTube channel elephantnews has numerous videos that show the work they do at Elephant Nature Park.

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