A 109-Year-Old Man Spends His Last Years Weaving Coats To Save Penguins

Alfred Date, who started to knit a long time ago, spent the last years of his life demonstrating that we can always do something to aid people in need.

He had no idea at the time that this action would become his life’s passion and have such a beneficial influence on dozens of penguins.


Grandpa was a passionate volunteer for the Knits by Nature program. Beautiful garments are woven by volunteers to protect penguins afflicted by oil spills.


In Australia, these horrific tragedies pose a significant threat to the ecology and all creatures that live in the sea.

“A total of 438 newborn penguins were harmed by the incident. Fortunately, 96 percent of them were saved, and the sweaters played a critical role,” said Lauren Barker, a Foundation staffer.



When a penguin visits an area where there has been a spill, its feathers become fully greasy and exposed to cold temperatures. The unfortunate creatures gain weight and are unable to swim or hunt for food.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the situation gets even worse as the penguins try to clean their feathers with their beaks, consuming the deadly chemical and dying as a result.


“People tell us they wish to join via mail. “We provide them the design, they knit the sweaters, and then we deliver them finished,” Jaquelina Alves-Ferreria, the Foundation’s executive director, revealed.



Fortunately, the rescuers devised a plan to create little jackets that the penguins may wear for a short time and serve as a protective barrier. One of the most committed volunteers was Alfred Date.

The nurses told her about the charming endeavor hours after she arrived at a nursing home. He concluded that being active and contributing to a worthy cause would be ideal.



“I’ve never been able to refuse anything.” In an interview, Alfred remarked, “I’ve always wanted to do whatever it takes to help others.”

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