A 14-Year-Old Cat Discovers The Ideal Partner With Whom To Spend His Senior Years

A 14-year-old gray cat was taken to the Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control shelter in Maryland at the beginning of May this year (United States). The kitty was really friendly and approached each of the volunteers from the location in a kind manner.



The cat was given the moniker LL Cool J by the shelter workers after he was given a spot to relax. They provided him with a warm bed and a peaceful environment as he looked for a suitable place to spend his senior years.


LL Cool J has the spirit of a youthful man. She adores people’s presence and is close to them, sunning by the window and kneading the cushion with her paws. He seeks for a spot close to them as soon as he notices them approaching the sofa.

After several months in the shelter, the loving 14-year-old cat was ready for his own home, and one of the volunteers appeared to know just the right person for him.



The volunteer’s mother, who lives in an elderly living facility (Brightview Severna Park), was apparently the ideal company for this sweet kitten.

The shelter shared the following on social media:


“The epidemic has had such an impact on residents in assisted living homes and their families that they are unable to visit, embrace, or even touch them.” LL Cool J (now Raven) may live with her because of her pet laws, which enable tenants to keep a well-behaved, vaccinated pet weighing no more than 25 pounds. It’s a win-win situation for people and senior dogs alike.



Raven’s relationship with the grandmother was quick; she nestled onto her lap and immediately put a smile on this granny’s face; they instantly connected. Raven is grateful to her human for allowing them to spend their days together.


This lovely kitten has provided his new mother a lot of joy; they both enjoy each other’s company and spend their days cuddling together, knowing they have each other.


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