A blind dog underwent surgery, and then saw its mother for the first time


We all know that no one is perfect, and this also applies to the animal world, writes positive-info


No matter how cute and charming dogs are, some have disadvantages that make it harder for them to find a home. Fortunately, there are good people in this world who, despite these shortcomings of animals, give them the chance they deserve.

This story is about a blind dog who has acquired a new home and a loving family.

A couple from Canada, Holly and Bart Emmerson decided to get a pet.


That’s when they heard about a rescued Cocker Spaniel that was found wandering along Olive Street in Los Angeles. The couple had a friend who knew the dog, and they asked this person to take the dog to Vancouver so that Holly and Bart could adopt it. As a result, they named the dog Olivia. Olivia had problems with its eyes, which led to blindness.


Olivia had severe cataracts in both eyes, and իտ could hardly see anything, even its loving owners. Despite this, this did not prevent Olivia from being a playful and affectionate dog for the couple.


Holly and Bart were thinking about how they could make Olivia’s life a little better. Therefore, they listened to the advice of a veterinarian, who said that cataracts can be removed surgically. The couple wanted to please Olivia, so they listened to the advice and took the dog to the vet.

The dog’s owners felt a mixture of excitement and concern about Olivia’s operation. Fortunately, Holly and Bart received good news from the vet that the operation was successful.



Upon hearing this news, they immediately rushed to the vet to see their dog again. By the time they got to the vet, the nurses had taken the dog out of the operating room, and the couple just couldn’t hold back the tears when they saw their Olivia joyfully approaching them. It was a truly joyful and heartbreaking time for Olivia and her owners.

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