A Couple Of Doctors Rescue A Dog That Had Been Missing For Several Days In The Mountains Of Ireland, And They Deliver Her To Her Family

Doctors Jean Francois Bonnet and Ciara Nolan have been working together to address the Covid-19 pandemic threat. They chose to go for a stroll in Ireland’s Lugnaquilla mountains on last Saturday as it was their day off.

When they were getting close to a mountain’s summit, they unintentionally stumbled upon a small dog that was freezing and terrified to death.



When the couple investigated, they found Naoise, an eight-year-old Golden Retriever who had vanished a few weeks before.

The dog apparently went missing on January 23 as a family was out on a stroll through one of the area’s tallest mountains.


The pair reportedly attempted to encourage the dog to walk, but she was too frail and cold to even bark, much less move. They decided to wrap the dog in her extra clothes to keep her warm and feed her food because the weather conditions at the time were challenging.



They walked for five hours and more than ten kilometers before reaching their car, which was waiting for them on the road. They were relieved to have saved her, and they carried her home where they fed her, warmed her up, and provided her the care she needed to recuperate.


Thanks to a local animal rescue organization that the physicians contacted, they were able to track down Naoise’s family. The family was pleased to see her back after suffering through 15 nightmare days without hearing from their pet.


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