A couple of kittens had been left inside a house by his mother

A kitten whose mother abandoned him inside a house now has a pair to raise him and keep him company.

Danielle Chavez, the founder of With Grace (a Las Vegas-based rescue organization), was approached earlier this year about a litter of kittens born in a house that was being refurbished in Arizona.



Danielle told Love Meow, “We have a spay and neuter clinic that we usually use for our fosters, and one of the staff members came out to us for help with several abandoned neonatal kittens.”

A feral cat had crept into the house through the walls with her babies, but she had abandoned them and never returned.

“The kittens were driven from Arizona to Las Vegas, where we met. We raced them home to our heated incubator, which was waiting for them.”


The kittens were tiny, measuring about 60 grams each. Despite their greatest efforts to preserve them all, two of them proved to be too fragile to survive. Michael, the last kitten, clung to life with all his might, taking to the bottle and eating to his heart’s content in an attempt to strengthen his body.


“I could tell this little one had the fight in him after only a few days as a helicopter foster mom. I had a feeling he was going to be fine “Love Meow was informed by Danielle. “He grabbed the bottle with both hands and never looked back.”


While Michael was thriving in foster care, Feral Cat Warriors, a fellow Arizona-based rescue, offered to TNR (trap-neuter-return) the kittens’ mother so she could be spayed, vetted, and properly cared for. “It’s critical that the rescue comes full circle.”

Danielle and her husband collaborated to feed the kitten and meet all of his needs.


“Foster Dad woke up early before work to feed him, and I remained up late to give him a bottle. As a result, we both had a good night’s sleep, and little guy received his dinner.”


Michael’s adventurous, fun side came out in full force after he went to his own playpen, which was a huge accomplishment for the little boy.

He insists on always following his foster parents and isn’t afraid to ask for what he wants. “Michael is such a cute little boy. He is constantly eager to spend time with us. He’s a little Velcro pal of mine.”


“We put him in a playpen in our living room to socialize him with our cats,” Danielle told Love Meow.

“He’s slowly but steadily learning how to cat. He recently learned the crab-walk and is working on the wiggle butt, an ambush attack motion.”

Michael has grown into a boisterous young man who likes to press his face against his foster father’s beard while kneading his neck. He gets along well with the neighborhood cats and has picked up a few tricks and manners from them.


“It’s so much fun to watch him. He’s gaining more and more self-confidence every day. It’ll only be a matter of time before he’s racing laps around the other cats.”


Michael will be ready for adoption in a few weeks, since he is about seven weeks old. He has a sweet attitude and is the ideal little buddy for his owners.

When he wants a break from playing, he rushes over to his foster parents, where he creates biscuits on their laps, chests, and necks while purring hysterically.

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