A Dog That Couldn’t Make It Down The Mountain Is Rescued By Her Own Rescuers

The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team sprung into action when they heard about Daisy, a dog that had fallen while hiking and was unable to descend the mountain. While they’re used to saving people, they recognized Daisy’s need for assistance and were determined to do all possible to bring her to safety.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team stated on Facebook, “Having team members with their own pampered pups at home, as well as our very own much-loved search dog Jess, we know the pain that both an animal and its owners may suffer.”



Daisy and her humans had walked up to England’s highest mountain peak, Scafell Pike, and were on their way back down when Daisy passed out. Because the St. Bernard had just recently been rescued and adopted, it’s conceivable she had underlying health concerns that her family was unaware of.

They were able to get guidance from local veterinarians on how to best care for Daisy until the rescue crew came with a stretcher to transport her to safety.


“When they arrived, team members made a point of carefully introducing themselves to Daisy so as not to give her any further grief, and with the help of a treat or two, they were able to check her condition and offer analgesics for the pain,” Wasdale Mou said.


Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team said, “On arriving at their location, team members gently introduced themselves to Daisy so as not to cause any further suffering, and with the help of a treat or two members were able to check her condition and provide analgesics for the pain.”


Once Daisy was more at ease, the crew set about figuring out the best method to tie her to the stretcher, which was designed for humans rather than canines. They were ultimately able to get Daisy comfortable onto the stretcher and begin their journey back down the mountain after some maneuvering and time spent persuading her.



Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team commented, “Apart from the odd minor tweak, the evacuation was found to be not that much different from a typical adult evacuation, which is, of course, our bread and butter, and which we have done hundreds of times before.”

Daisy was taken down the mountain to safety in no time, and her family was able to provide her the care she required. Daisy is now back at home and doing really well, and her family is ecstatic that a whole team of rescuers came out to assist her.


Everyone on the rescue team is relieved to learn that Daisy is okay, and they now know that, in addition to saving people, they can also save dogs.


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