A dog that was shunned by everyone is now revered after rescuing koalas from a forest fire.

In recent weeks, Australia has been facing a terrible bushfire that has destroyed everything in its path . More than a million hectares have been reported to have been completely burned and most alarmingly the animals that have lost their lives : marsupials, turtles, kangaroos and more than 350 koalas .

Luckily, the rescue service has a four-legged hero working to save the koalas’ lives.



Nearly 300 homes have been destroyed by fires in Australia this year.

Bear is a very nice koolie and collie crossbreed. Now he is working in areas devastated by the fire; but many years ago, he had to go through a difficult story where his family did nothing but reject him.

The dog doesn’t like to play like other puppies , so his family decided they didn’t want anything to do with him .



Bear doesn’t behave like most dogs because he has an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Bear was taken in by Sunshine Coast University and trained to spot koalas there. His talent is such that currently no other dog in Australia can do such a wonderful job . Bear finds koalas not only by the smell of their feces but also by their fur .


Bear is working in New South Wales and in Queensland. He will soon be taken to Cooroibah, one of the worst affected areas.


In situations such as a forest fire this is vital, as the smell of faeces can take a little longer to notice. Luckily, this is not an obstacle for the cunning Bear, who has already managed to save several koalas by following the trail of their fur .


The puppy is working alongside rescuers from the International Fund for Animal Welfare . He has been moved to areas that are declared safe and every time he detects the presence of a koala he sits and remains motionless to signal his human companion.

In the midst of such a devastating situation, the image of the adorable Bear with his booties and protective vest manages to give us hope. His old family believed that he was a “broken” puppy and that he would never achieve anything. Now he is an example to the whole world. Even though he is a bit different, he just needed some time to find his way and make a very positive impact on the world .



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