A Stray Cat Begs Volunteers To Save Her, And It’s Quite Charming

Small colonies of stray and feral cats are widespread in big cities, but most of those cat colonies go about their daily business with little to no human involvement or interference, unless it’s unpleasant. However, this is not the case in one Brooklyn, New York community.

Flatbush Cats is a non-profit organization that helps wild cat colonies in a variety of ways.



They sterilize, spay, and release cats. They give food for the cats. Most importantly, they are occasionally successful in rescuing and adopting the cats! Founder Will Zweigart joined a volunteer to feed 7 to 8 colonies of spayed and neutered wild cats in the neighborhood on a day that was basically like any other, but quickly learned it would be a special day instead.

Will remarked in an interview with Love Meow:

If we come across any nice cats while feeding, we may assist in removing them from the streets and attempting to find them a loving home.



According to neighbors, a new cat had been wandering the colony recently, and this affectionate stray had been outside for several weeks, scrounging for food and shelter, fighting to remain alive in the winter cold.

She was waiting for Will and the other volunteer to come as they neared their customary place today. The lovely cat went towards the volunteers without hesitation and began rubbing against them, seeking for pets and attention.

Will said::


I could tell that her fur was dirty, which is common with abandoned or stray cats since they brush less when they are anxious. I wanted to bring her out of the January cold because she had no collar and was starving. It was now below freezing in New York, so I wanted to get her out of the cold.

Will had a feeling this sweet girl wasn’t always a stray:

Unfortunately, cats are frequently thrown or abandoned outside in this neighborhood. She rushed up to our volunteer, extremely friendly, and definitely wanted to get back inside.



Will opted to use a humane trap to catch and transfer the white kitten because rescue and adoption are part of Flatbush’s mission:

Cats are usually scared and may refuse to enter a carrier right away. Many people associate carriers with terrible experiences at the vet’s office, or if it was the last thing that occurred to them before they were abandoned. Even if the cats are amiable, traps are a safe way to rescue and transfer them.

It’s evident in this video shared by Flatbush and Love Meow that the kitten was glad to see the volunteers and wasn’t even afraid of the trap. “I’m ready to find my permanent home!” she said as she went right up to it and got in.


This adorable cat received a fresh lease on life after a few weeks of wandering the streets alone. Bun was her name, according to Will.


What’s the deal with Bun?

Will expressed himself as follows:

She is a little shy with new people, but once she feels safe, she begins purring loudly.


We had a catnip toy nearby, so she started making biscuits, rolling around, and playing with it. Currently, she is relaxing with one of our foster volunteers. Our next step is to get her medical attention, which will include a spay, vaccinations, and deworming. We’ll put her up for adoption after she’s settled in!

Will also stated the following:

Our objective is to spay or neuter every cat in our area, which will help to reduce the number of cats visiting the city’s congested shelters.


We accomplish this by trapping, neutering, and returning (TNR) all of the community cats, and then working with local volunteers to ensure that the feral and street cats we’ve treated are fed.

Bun is still purring her days away at her foster home, surrounded by love and luxury, but we’re confident that locating a forever home for such a beautiful girl won’t be difficult!


Flatbush Cats and Bun have an Instagram profile that you can follow any updates!

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