Abandoned Pit Bull Used As A Fighting Dog Was Protecting Her Friend When Rescuers Arrived

People believed two pit bulls were ready to perish after they were discovered abandoned in a park just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They subsequently called Gracie, who was laying on the ground and was chilly to the touch, and one of them is determined to keep her companion safe at all means. She had Layla snuggled up next to her.



Justice Rescue co-founder Officer Russ “Wolf” Harper stated to The Dodo:

She stayed at his side. Her pal attempted to protect the other every time someone came close. It appeared as though she would suffer for the other person.


With what he refers to as his “10-year-old voice,” Officer Harper, who is tall and has tattoos on his arms, a goatee, and a shaved head, has a talent for soothing canines. And when he got at the park and saw these dogs, he immediately attempted that.

Harper remarked:



I knelt down and cried out to them in a voice that befitted a 10-year-old. Layla approached me with her tail wagging but her eyes narrowed as though she anticipated being hit.

She eventually stepped up to Harper and consented to few strokes on her forehead and nose. And she quickly returned to her pal.



However, Harper ultimately managed to get near enough to both of them so that she could cover them with her bulky police vest to keep them warm. She then took them to the veterinarian, who was preparing for the worst.

Harper feared that Gracie would have to be put to death since she was so frail and cold that she could not open her eyes. Both were severely underweight and covered with cuts and scars. The officer could see that these sad little canines had spent the most of their lives as fighting dogs.


Harper remarked:


“They both had recent bite wounds. They are barely two years old, and they have only experienced cruelty and hardship.”

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