Adorable One-Eared Golden Retriever Puppy Looks Like a Magical Unicorn

Golden Retriever puppies are one of the purest things in the entire world, they are like little rays of sunshine. Their adorable small sizes coupled with their giggle-inducing antics make them literal treasures to behold and protect!



But one Golden Retriever puppy, in particular, is probably the most unique puppy we’ve ever seen with her oddly adorable features! Meet Rae — which is coincidentally ear spelled backward — She’s a Golden Retriever pup who has taken the Internet by storm. You see, she isn’t your typical cutie pie: she’s literally a unicorn.


After Samantha Smith, a veterinary technician shared a video of Rae on TikTok, Rae’s unusual characteristic lead to the video instantly going viral.

It’s hard not to fall for this Golden at first sight. Her features are gorgeous to look at and they are a constant reminder about how special she is. Although it sort of looks like a baby Mohawk, that’s actually her ear flopping around on top of her head. It’s what makes her so adorably unique!



So how did Rae’s deformity occur? The breeder isn’t exactly sure what happened but suspects that Rae’s mother was cleaning off the placenta or amniotic sack and was a little too aggressive. This caused irreversible damage to Rae’s entire and all that was left was the canal with all of the skin peeled off. Rae was immediately rushed to hospital for surgery hours after being born. It was uncertain if she would survive.


‘She was really in a fragile state, we didn’t know if she was even going to survive beyond 48 hours.’

Brianna Aardema, one of Rae’s caretakers at Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan told Good Morning America:


“The minute I saw her, I knew I wanted to raise her and be there for her even though I knew the road to recovery wouldn’t always be easy.”


She was under constant supervision after her surgery was complete. Even though her situation is clearly one of a kind, she seems to be doing well.

Although, living the unicorn life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Rae’s ears need a lot of extra care, especially as Golden Retrievers are prone to getting ear infections. So she gets regular inspections and antibiotics to help her while she grows.



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