Amazing Rescue Story: A Boy Saves A Drowning Baby Deer

We frequently consider ourselves to be the only things that is important on this planet, but stories like the one you’re going to read remind us of just how large this globe is and how many creatures share it with us.



When a little kid saw a newborn deer drowning, he raced to save it without a second’s hesitation, despite the risk of the river’s fast waves.


Belal is the boy’s name, and he is believed to be in his early teens. When he spotted this unfortunate deer drowning, he didn’t waste any time in saving it.


With one hand, he raised the deer over his head, hoping to save the drowning animal.


During the rainy season in Noakhali, a large number of deer are reported to perish. Locals make every effort to rescue and safeguard them.


He was a brave boy. We were afraid he would drown since the river was full of water and the tide was high.

It was a breathtaking scene.


What a lucky little deer to have been rescued by this courageous young man. His bravery should make his parents extremely proud.


This is a very incredible story. We were extremely fortunate that Hasibul Wahab (a wildlife photographer) was present to capture the entire event on video: this young man was truly in the right location at the right time. He, like the baby deer he rescued, is blessed to be alive.

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