Baby lamb is able to stand on her own for the first time thanks to her own special wheelchair

Life can be hard for animals with disabilities, who can have difficulty getting around on their own. But thankfully, there are kind people willing to step up and help, using a little ingenuity to give these animals the freedom they need.

A group called Walkin’ Pets has done wonders helping all kinds of animals — from possums to tortoises — get back on their feet. Recently, they helped a baby lamb survive by providing her with a custom wheelchair.



According to a blog post from Walkin’ Pets, Kiki, a 3.5-month-old lamb, was born on a farm but struggled to survive after being rejected by her mother. Lambs need nutrients from their moms to survive, and the rejection left Kiki malnourished and unable to walk on her own.


Thankfully, Meghan King of the Don’t Forget Us Pet Us Sanctuary in Massachusetts took the lamb in, vowing to give Kiki the chance she deserves. But while the lamb has overcome hurdles and is getting good care, her rescuers knew she wouldn’t be okay until she could stand on her own.



“She has spent much of her young life lying down and only comfortably lay on one side of her body causing painful pressure sores to form,” the blog post explains.

They reached out to Walkin’ Pets, asking if they could provide a device to help Kiki finally stand on her own feet.

Amazingly, they were able to help, providing Kiki with a harness and a “lamb wheelchair.” The young lamb was able to stand on her own for the first time.



The custom wheelchair’s support will do wonders for Kiki’s recovery. According to Walkin’ Pets, the harness alleviates pressure on Kiki’s limbs and stabilize her, allowing her therapists to begin improving her leg functions.

“Now that Kiki can be upright, physical therapy will be a lot easier, and she will be able to get some traction with her one working leg. Getting a wheelchair is Kiki’s first step towards standing up on her own four feet!”

While the rehabilitation process will be a long one, Kiki’s caretakers are incredibly happy and proud with the progress the lamb has made.



“The wheelchair is huge for us,” Meghan King said. “We are so, so grateful for this opportunity from Walkin’ Pets.”

How amazing — we’re so glad that Kiki is able to stand on her own feet. Thank you to everyone who has given this beautiful lamb a chance and Walkin’ Pets for providing such an incredible wheelchair!

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