Baby Rhino Hasn’t Stopped Crying Since Losing Its Mother To Poachers

Davi the rhino, who is only 8 months old, has already endured unspeakable heartache. The young rhinoceros was meant to spend his first three years feeding and developing with his mother, but suddenly everything changed.

Little Davi most certainly saw the poachers arrive and slaughter his mother for her horns.



Rangers discovered Davi, and his rescuers carefully prepped him for his journey to The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa. The crew put earplugs in him and blindfolded him to prevent him from becoming anxious due to the truck’s noise and other passengers’ conversations.


Little Davi was clearly distressed, which was evident to the caregivers once they got to the sanctuary and put him in his room. His first night there, he spent sobbing bitterly for his mother. He obviously missed her a great deal.



His keepers wrote on Facebook:

“Two caretakers had been by his side at all times as his calls to mom reverberated profoundly and forcefully throughout the night. He’s at least in decent physical shape, and the only wound he has is a shattered heart, which we’re confident will heal with the love and care of everyone on our team.


Sadly, this newborn rhino is not the first or last to experience such calamities. Poachers frequently hunt wild rhinos for their horns, which are subsequently traded illegally in the wildlife trade.



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