Because She’s Too Spoiled, This Lovely Spoilt Puppy Will Only Eat Her Puppuccino If It Comes From A Cup Of Her Beloved Starbucks

This little girl adores Starbucks and can’t get enough of puppuccinos (which are simply whipped cream in a cup). And it’s because she adores this drink so much that Harlee can always tell when they’re going to pass by a Starbucks and becomes enraged if they don’t stop for her favorite drink.

Bored Panda spoke with the mother of this specific dog, who said:



“I’d always wanted a dachshund, and when I got home from work one day, my boyfriend surprised me with Harlee.” I enjoy shooting photographs, and I didn’t want my friends to grow tired of seeing Harlee’s images on my personal Instagram, so I decided to make one for them.”

Harlee’s fondness for the sparkling Starbucks drink was found during a morning journey to work with her boyfriend and their small dog.


The woman recalls the following:


“My boyfriend used to walk me to work with Harlee, and we’d stop at Starbucks for a cup of coffee every now and then.” Then we’d offer Harlee a puppuccino as well.”

Harlee is so obsessed with Starbucks that if she’s at home, she won’t drink a puppuccino unless it’s served in a cup with a Starbucks logo on it. Harlee decides to eat the contents of the cup only after her family has placed the whipped cream in the right cup.


His mother informs him:


“Starbucks is completely unaware of the situation. The usual Starbucks staff at the Starbucks where we used to frequent were always so thrilled to see Harlee and welcome her back. We couldn’t go to Starbucks on a daily basis because of COVID and working from home, and we don’t see frequent personnel.”


Harlee despises being roused up for a walk and prefers to stay in bed as long as possible. On weekends, her parents take her to the dog park so she may socialize with other dogs.

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