Boy’s Heart Is Mended When He Reunites With His Lost Dog

When Mili, the family’s dog, vanished from their Brazil home, Leandro was devastated. The little boy’s family spent days looking for Mili, but they were unable to locate her, writes androdass



He kept Mili because he thought her could be a family pet until he could locate her owners. He found out through the Civil Defense of Várzea Paulista that Leandro’s family had been looking for a dog frantically after enquiring around town. He soon left to take Mili back home.


Leandro was waiting impatiently on the pavement outside the family’s home when the man arrived. The next event was a fantastical reunion. Leandro embraced Mili and sobbed in relief as soon as he got her in his arms.

When the family and Mili were reunited, Giugni stated, “We were ecstatic. Leandro said, “We rescued the family, so thanks.”



I rescue animals every day, Giugni declared. This one was unique.

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