Brazilian Man Saves A Dog From A Flooded House Before It Collapsed

Douglas Gomes risked his life to save his neighbors’ dog when floodwaters swept through a Brazilian town during a severe storm on Tuesday, and his heroic deed was captured on camera.

Douglas from Blumenau, Austria, was alerted to the fact that the dog next door was struggling for survival in the middle of the floods as he was fleeing his own home in the pouring rain.



Douglas decided to save the dog because his family was away at the time.

Doug stated to The Dodo:


Do unto others what you would have them do unto you, as the adage says. I possess a dog. Animals are friends of mine.


The perilous nature of the rescue is evident in the video of the incident; as Douglas walked through the water, the home started to cave in.


When Douglas brings the puppy called Kira to safety in his arms, she is fatigued, but she survives because of his bravery.

Later, Kira is reunited with her family, who are relieved that their family is still together despite having lost practically all of their possessions in the flood.



Kira’s mother, Fabiana Farias de Oliveira, said:

We’re grateful that Kira was saved since losing her would have been disastrous for our children, who sleep with her every night.

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