Cat Goes To The Groomer And Comes Back Looking Like This

Jin Jin, a charming Persian cat, isn’t one to shy away from the newest in odd feline hair fashion trends, but even he might admit that it’s gone a bit too far in this case.

Jin Jin’s owner, Xie Qian Qian, like many other owners of long-haired cats, has him shaved every now and then to keep him cool and the house less coated in fallen hair. He’s returned from the groomer in the past with a cute lion-style trim, primarily leaving the fur on his head and tail undisturbed.



He generally appears as follows:

Jin Jin was supposed to go to the groomer a few months ago, but Qian was too busy to take him. So she entrusted a friend to drop him off there — but there was a misunderstanding about what kind of haircut he was supposed to have.


Instead of his usual style, Jin Jin was given the odd look of a feline wearing a cat mask:


Qian was taken away by Jin Jin’s fresh look when she arrived to pick him up.


“I was taken aback by the groomer’s decision to shave him like that.” Qian told The Dodo, “I can’t be blamed for that.” Despite this, she said that when she saw him, she couldn’t help but grin.

When Qian initially took the cat home, her husband wasn’t thrilled with the cat’s haircut, but he soon began to chuckle as well.



Sure, it’s a bad haircut, but Jin Jin himself didn’t appear to mind.

Qian replied, “My cat is a really tame and good cat.”



Fortunately, like with most hair mishaps, all it takes is time and care to get things back to normal.

In reality, Jin Jin is starting to resemble his original self again, rather than a monster disguised as a cat.

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