Cat With A Rare Neurological Condition Is So Healthy Now And Living Her Best Life With Owner

Meet this unique and adorable cat named Lucy. Cat has a rare neurological condition and for that Lucy looks like a bat.But she is still cute though.

Her owner Zilla Bergamini saw her in a video and immediately felt in love with her unique beauty.



Even though she has a neurological condition, Lucy is still living her best life.

Cat lives with her owner in Haifa, Israel.

One day, cat started crying and was sick so Zilla sent her to the vet.



The new vet found out that the poor kitty hadn’t had a bowel movement in several days.

She also had to fix her eyes.

Now she is doing great and is feeling healthier day by day.



“She loves going out,” Zilla told the media. “She sits in a baby stroller or inside a bag and enjoys the view. Every time we go out, she tries to sneak inside one of the two.”

They are living now such a happy life and Lucy loves so much her owner.

Zilla also says that people assume that cats with neurological conditions like Lucy’s need expensive brain surgeries, making euthanasia seem like the only option for those who don’t have the money. However, she says that Lucy is living proof that this isn’t always the case.



While her unique looks have made her a true Instagram star with over 22k followers.

Now, this beautiful 11-month-old cat is a true social media star with over 22k Instagram followers and counting. “I love you, Lucy!” someone comments under one of her photos. “Sweet darling angel Lucy. I love you, little girl,” someone adds too. It’s really hard not to fall in love with this beautiful girl, is it?

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