Couple Refused To Abandon Their Dogs In A Terrible Flood

Even though entire districts were devastated, a couple in Joso, Japan, north of Tokyo, had to deal with a difficult scenario due to a flood brought on by severe rains that flooded the Kinugawa river. They refused to give up on their cherished dogs, risking their lives to defend them.



About 90,000 people were evacuated from Joso during this flood, and those who were on the rooftops of the homes were taken by helicopter by the rescue services.


The couple’s clutching to their Shiba Inu dogs astonished the emergency personnel who arrived on the scene. Because of how bad the water was, the dogs would not have survived. Fortunately, they had a deep compassion for animals and kept trying.

They were prepared to die if necessary, but they weren’t going to abandon their animal companions. An airborne camera captured the couple and the pets being rescued in a chopper.



Couple refused to abandon their dogs in a terrible flood

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