Cyclist willing to save dog with broken leg goes into town to get help it

Jarret Little and a group of his friends on a mountain bike ride near the woods in Columbus, Georgia. The group stopped by the side of the road to regroup and brace themselves before completing their wonderful trip. Suddenly, a wounded dog limped out of the woods. “We stopped to regroup and he came out of the woods with difficulty.



He looked really so poor he was so skinny, his ribs were exposed and he had a lot of lines and broken legs,” Little told CBS News. The dog appears to have been in an accident as it is speculated that it was hit by a car and suffered such injuries.

The cyclist saved the injured dog at the edge of the forest

The cyclists gave him food and water. Little knew that he needed to help the dog immediately, but he had no way of transporting the dog because he was traveling by bicycle and it was difficult to move it into town. Then he decided to lift the dog on his back and drive it into town to seek help. He carefully placed the dog’s broken leg into the back pocket of his shirt and gently placed the dog on his back.

The image of the dog riding on Little’s back went viral, making people around him moved by his love for animals.

cyclist-willing-to-save-dog-with-broken-leg-goes-into-town-to-get-help-it-3When they arrived in town, a woman took great care of the injured dog and she helped it. Andrea Shaw- the owner of the injured dog was on a business trip for a few moments without paying attention and was immediately taken away by her pet dog without her noticing.

“I’m saving this dog – it’s bleeding and broken and I’m not going to leave it,” was what Shaw said when she called her husband shortly after meeting the dog. She took the dog from Little and took it to the vet. “She decided to keep him and get him checked out,” Little said.


Shaw graciously paid for the surgery and repair the dog’s broken leg and broken toe. She set up a means of transport for Columbo, named after the city in which he was found, to her horse ranch in Maine. This unexpected relationship has a beautiful outcome that we didn’t expect.

Injured dog and fateful meeting


It means letting Shaw and Little cross the streets and rescue the injured dog and find the important person in his life. “If I had arrived five minutes earlier or five minutes later, we wouldn’t have crossed the road with her without the injured dog,” Little said of his life’s fateful encounter.

Columbo, known as “Bo,” has arrived safely in Maine to begin that wonderful new life. “Bo traveled around the world with 25 pins in his hind leg after having four pins to fix the fracture and a full cast in his front leg to stabilize his broken toe and luckily he Dog was saved and back to normal life” Shaw posted.


She was so impressed with the Grateful Doggies that drove Bo to her house. “They gave him all of his medication and kept him comfortable until he was back in my arms.” Really lucky to have his help. Thank god very much.


Thank you for that fateful meeting that helped people who love animals find each other. Thought it was just a random help, but it allowed us to meet people we never thought of.

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