Disabled Stray Cat Begged Passers By For Help, Then A Kind Lady Came To His Rescue Him

Mayer is a kind lady that lives in Kuwait and one day when she was out and about she spotted a starving disabled stray cat all alone in the street.

She knew he was disabled in some way as he was standing on his hind legs, she felt that he had probably been abandoned by his owners.


He looked as if he was asking for help but every time she approached him he would scurry away and hide underneath a car.


On closer inspection, she could see that he was covered in sores and had various wounds on his body.

She knew she needed to help this poor kitty. Finally, she managed to capture him, she bundled him into a cat carrier and headed to the vet. He looked so sad, his faith in humans had all but disappeared. There Mayar was told that he was malnourished, had various wounds on his body, and had a severe ear and skin infections.

His twisted front legs were caused by a birth defect called radial dysplasia: cats with this condition are born with a short or missing radial bone.


The radial bone (also called the radius) is one of the two forearm bones. The short or missing radial bone causes the hand and wrist to turn inward toward the thumb side of the forearm.


Cats that are born with this condition tend to sit on their rear with their arms up against their chest, resembling a squirrel or kangaroo. It cannot be fixed but most cats born with this disability lead a normal life.

Mayer is the founder of Naida Shelter Kuwait, a nonprofit organization that helps animals in need.


She reached out to people, via the shelter’s Instagram page, to help with the medical costs and he was soon on the road to recovery.

With lots of care and attention, Mayar began to gain his trust – she decided to name him Hope.


Soon Hope began to interact with the other members of Mayar’s household and she discovered that he loved to play, so he was given plenty of toys to keep him occupied. This beautiful playful cat had gone through a major transition, and you could see on his face that he was no longer afraid or sad.


Hope had led a miserable life as a homeless cat but his life soon changed for the better after meeting Mayar – he was no longer that disabled stray cat standing all alone on the street. Today he is a happy playful boy who has finally found him forever home.

Hope has come on in leaps and bounds since his adoption. He loves life with his new family very much.


He’s a very happy kitty that’s discovered the joy of pizza!

A big thank you to Mayar, her dedication to helping and rehoming animals in need is tireless and many of the animals once in her care have been adopted by people as far away as Canada and the United States.


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