Dog Is Called “Untouchable” And Left Chained For Days Until He Couldn’t Take It Anymore

Duke allegedly had a sickness that was extremely infectious, and nobody should approach him. In a Bulgarian town, the dog was tethered to a dilapidated trailer.

The 10-month-old cub had been locked up and abandoned for many days. Every day, Duke crouched beneath the trailer, feeling abandoned and losing hope.



However, a resident of the area saw Duke’s suffering and contacted Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, an organization that helps disadvantaged animals and is registered in Bulgaria.


Co-founder of the organisation Tony Rowles came on the scene to find a dog surrounded by its own excrement and coated in flies.

Tony admits, “I was genuinely afraid. “A scent of ammonia was present. He was so overpowering that he was immobile.



It turns out that the dog’s charming sweetness was the sole infectious quality he possessed. Though he remained wary of males for the first several weeks.

“When I initially approached him, he appeared unharmed. But in the first few weeks, you could feel the anxiety in the way he walked and the way he retreated from me “Tony adds.



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