Dog Locked In Tiny Cage For Six Years Finally Gets A Chance At Freedom

A dog who spent six years locked in a small cage was finally rescued and got to live freely for the first time in her life.

Angelica spent the past six years of her life neglected, living in a cage far too small. It appears she didn’t get the exercise, baths, or social interaction that she desperately needed.



Despite all that, she was so full of love and trust and just wanted the chance to show that to anyone who would love her back.

Thankfully, Knine Rescue Inc., was able to step in and rescue her from her horrible life and offer her a new life of freedom.


The rescue organization actually saved two dogs from that same owner, Angelica and Spud. Spud, a terrier hound mix, lived in a tiny cage next to Angelica for three years, but the two dogs could never touch or interact. They were just close enough to watch each other suffer for years on end, without being able to physically interact, play, or sleep.



Thankfully, Spud was able to quickly be adopted since she endured neglect for half the amount of years as Angelica. It took some deep cleaning and a little care, but the small dog was able to be adopted out just a few weeks after rescue. The rescue even shared a photo of the little pup with her new owner and they look like a perfect match.


While Angelica was trusting of the rescue workers right from the start, she needed a lot more care and work before she would be ready for her forever home.


Given her history, it’s surprising that she wanted anything to do with humans!


Despite having a positive attitude, Angelica had been in a crate for so long that she needed to build up the strength in her back legs to walk and run again.

The rescue put her through plenty of therapy and exercises to help her, and slowly, she began to regain her muscle.



Eventually, while Angelica was still being rehabilitated, Spud came by for a visit and the two pals were able to play together in person and actually interact in a meaningful way! Their reunion was so touching, it’s clear they love and recognize each other.

Both Angelica and Spud are now living their best lives as free dogs. They may have had horrible years, but their futures are so bright.

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