Dog Spent 4 Years Locked In A Kennel Because People Thought He Was “Bad”

Glorianne Lagnese was the ideal person to provide Rose with the belief she so desperately needed. After her friends acquired her from a shelter in Connecticut in 2013, she was adopted by her.

They were concerned that she would be put down because of her lack of training and because she is a black dog, which is tougher to find a home for. They brought her outside in the hopes of getting her to cooperate with her other pets. But because it was excessive, they requested me to look after her. She spent several nights at our place before that. She blended in really nicely. So they inquired as to whether we wanted to retain her.


She uttered:

She is an anxious dog. She lacked self-confidence. She occasionally heard noises within the home, so she hid and fled.

Glorianne started Rose’s training, and she made slow but sure development. Sadly, a year later, something unfortunate occurred.

All of Glorianne’s pets, including Rose, were let go after someone broke into her home. Rose freaked out and bit two persons as the neighborhood tried to collect the stray dogs.


Gloria remarked:

She panicked when she was confronted in a condominium complex and tried to be restrained. She was surrounded by strangers and had nowhere to go.

Although they weren’t significant wounds, Glorianne adds, the neighbors nonetheless phoned the police and animal control. Glorianne was told that Rose had to return to the shelter so they could keep her for ten days.

She uttered:

“I didn’t understand I might have said something else, so I said, ‘Okay, here’s the dog. Following the directions, I delivered it, and I was told: “Ten days.”

However, ten days went by and the kennel did not let her out. Glorianne was informed that Rose need to be put to sleep since she was a “violent dog.”

Glorianne was horrified and disturbed right away, so she linked up with Thom Page, a Lexus Project attorney who frequently represents dogs that are facing execution.


Page started working on Rose’s case pro bono, trying to get the terrified puppy out of the kennel. As the matter grew complex, it was ultimately sent to federal courts.

Gloria remarked:

“I didn’t see why they had to murder the nice dog just because she bit someone. I made the decision to stand up for her, so that’s what we did.”


Glorianne was trying her hardest to get Rose out of the shelter, but poor Rose was suffering there. She was confined to her kennel day and night without a comfortable bed or any toys. According to Page, Rose wasn’t getting any medical attention either. She would grab her metal bowl and put it to her mouth to comfort herself.

Glorianne and her husband made many attempts to see Rose, but the personnel only let them to see her from behind a fence while she was in her cage.


“All we could do was communicate with her virtually, which was difficult for both of us. I couldn’t understand why we were going or why I was forbidden from petting, approaching, or giving her anything. It was awful “.

Rose was kept in the kennel for four and a half years until she was eventually let out.

Glorianne had to sell her independence for something else. Glorianne’s friend Leslie Rich, who runs Furry Friends Foster and Rescue, consented to accept Rose into her care.

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