Dog Who Loves To Play in the Snow Ends up Looking Like the Abominable Snowman

Lying the farthest north of any of Japan’s main islands, Hokkaido is known for being the country’s coldest region. And with those chilly temperatures come pretty sizable amounts of snowfall.

Luckily, locals have grown accustomed to the area’s frosty weather, and you could even say that some quite enjoy it. In fact, one Hokkaido resident was surprised to find out just how much their dog loves playing in the snow.



The amusing discovery occurred one day when their excited pup spent so much time jumping in and out of the powdery ice that the pooch ended up looking like the abominable snowman.

Little Kuu-chan, an adorable miniature schnauzer, was having too much fun to notice the balls of ice and snow starting to coat her long fur as she frolicked about.


But when her owner took her back inside, they managed to capture a snapshot of the lively pet’s transformation from playful pup to abominable snow-dog.


And with the snow covering most of her legs and undercarriage, Kuu-chan really does look like some sort of mythical creature that’s half snow monster and half dog.


People couldn’t get over Kuu-chan’s metamorphosis when her owner shared the photos on Twitter, and the post quickly gained over 16,000 likes. But don’t worry, her transformation wasn’t permanent.



According to the dog’s owner, she immediately went in for a warm shower to get all nice and toasty again. But judging by the pup’s love of the snow, this may not be the last time she turns into a tiny yeti.


This adorable pup played so much in the Hokkaido snow that she ended up looking more like an abominable snow-dog.

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