Dog Who Spent His Whole Life Chained Finally Knows What It’s Like To Be Loved

The unfortunate creature had lived its entire existence chained by a long, thick chain that was locked with a padlock. According to Angela Stell, founder and head of NMDOG, a chained dog rescue group that saved Violet and five other dogs from the same home, the dog’s name is Violet.

When 2-year-old Violet was discovered in December 2016, it seemed probable that she had spent her whole life shackled. It is prohibited to chain up pets without their owners present in Miguel County, New Mexico, where the property was located.



The lady finally took the dogs into custody after making contact with the county sheriff’s office, the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico, and others.

Angela stated to The Dodo:


“They were able to arrange for someone to visit the property and explain the laws and the issue. When they did, they discovered that the dogs’ guardian was absent from the property and was not able to provide the dogs the daily care they required because he was being held on unrelated charges.


“These dogs were often left alone and uncared for. I’m not sure if anyone else was visiting or staying on the farm.”


NMDOG started out the rescue teams by taking care of some of the dogs, including Violet. They took the pets to the vet as soon as possible.

“I don’t know if anyone else was visiting or staying on the property, but generally these pets were left alone and ignored.”


In the beginning, NMDOG took care of some of the dogs, including Violet. They initially visited a veterinarian with the dogs.


Angie stated:

“She was really frightened, and she still exhibits some shyness. She ducks as if she’s going to be attacked if you move her hand too quickly or raise it to accomplish something. What someone did to have her do it is beyond my comprehension. But she also has kind comments and interactions.”


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