Dog With Special Needs Does Not Stop Giving Kisses Very Grateful

An someone with a decent heart was able to see Freddie Mercury’s beauty and her nice attitude in order to offer her a second shot at life. Freddie Mercury is a dog that was abandoned owing to her unique requirements after being born with deformities in her jaw and legs.

Visitors to shelters sometimes disregard dogs like Freddie Mercury because adopting them requires a significant time commitment and because it’s possible that their days may end at any time.



After learning about the tale of this cute little puppy, Angela Adan, a volunteer at the Marley’s Mutts animal shelter in California, didn’t think twice before going to meet her.

Angela stated to The Dodo:

We save dogs that are in danger and give them physical and mental rehabilitation so they can be adopted later.



To meet Freddie Mercury, Angela traveled for four hours. She has consistently provided her assistance to dogs with specific requirements by providing them with the lifestyle they deserve and mending their mental scars.

When this woman goes to look for the puppies, she always tries to keep her emotions under control because she believes that the last thing they need is to meet someone who reacts in an exalted way. However, when she saw Freddie Mercury, she was unable to hold back her tears, and they started to flow immediately. She was able to notice that she weighed very little after lifting her.


Angie stated:


“He had 17 teeth pulled, but the remaining teeth were still giving him trouble. They discovered she had an epiglottis, the membrane at the end of the neck that expands and closes to stop fluid from entering into the lungs, while doing dental examinations.


When Angela saw that Freddie was unable to walk and was forced to crawl, her heart utterly crushed. The dog has consistently displayed a wonderful zest for life despite her disability.

Since then, Freddie has been lavished with attention, and her life has unquestionably improved drastically. Angela believes she can now see how she is grateful to him for helping her by providing all the love and care she needs.



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