Dogs From Across The Country Travel To Las Vegas To Comfort Survivors

More than a dozen specially trained comfort dogs arrived in Las Vegas this week to provide comfort to the victims of Sunday’s horrible mass murder — and to brighten the spirits of those in the community who needed it most.



17 comfort dogs and their handlers were preparing to go to Las Vegas only hours after the tragedy. The club, which is organized by Lutheran Church Charities (LCC), is made up of puppies from all over the country, with some coming from as far as Nebraska and Illinois.


Some of the dogs had a long travel ahead of them, but that didn’t stop them from making others smile along the way.

The comfort dogs got right to work once they were down on the ground.



The dogs and their handlers have been visiting local hospitals in recent days to meet with victims of the massacre, their families, and medical personnel.

During this trying time, their calm, uplifted presence has been much appreciated.


The canines have also visited local schools to assist youngsters cope with the tragedy that occurred earlier this week, bringing smiles to their cheeks in the way that only dogs can.


In an earlier interview with The Dodo, LCC president Tim Hetzner said, “Everyone wants to pet the dogs.”


“Some folks just want to converse with them while lying on the ground. The dogs serve as a conduit for individuals to express themselves about whatever is hurting them. The dogs are trustworthy, attentive listeners, and nonjudgmental. And one of the most essential ways to recover is to talk about it.”



The comfort dogs were there during a candlelight vigil mourning the victims of the massacre, communing and standing in solidarity with the city still hurting from the tragic act.


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