Extremely Rare Male Tortie Spotted Wandering On The Streets

Have you ever seen a male tortie before? If yes, well, you are super lucky! Just like calico cats, tortoiseshell cats (or torties for short) are almost always female, and the chance of a male tortie being born is only approximately 1 in 3,000.

So, what exactly makes them so unique? According to scientists, the gene that controls the black and orange shades on their coat is found on the X chromosome. Therefore, to be born as a boy, these calico cats and tortoiseshell cats must have two XXs and one Y instead of one X and one Y as normal.


That’s why when this boy was spotted wandering on the streets in Colwyn Bay, UK, he immediately became the centre of attention!

The five-month-old kitten was picked up by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and then handed to the Wrexham Adoption Centre.

According to the centre manager Suzan Kennedy, it was such a huge surprise for everyone when they realized this stray cat had beaten the genetic odds by being born a boy


“Certainly none of us here have ever seen a male tortoiseshell before, and it’s been many years since Cats Protection has had one in care, despite us helping 200,000 cats a year,” she said.


The exceptional cat was named Cresta. For such an unusual creature, finding him a home was definitely not a big deal at all. Suzan gladly shared that his new family was truly aware of how special this feline was and couldn’t wait to bring him home.

She also stressed that the kitten was perfectly healthy just like any other cat, so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.


“Although it’s rare, there shouldn’t be any health problems for Cresta,” Suzan said. “Male tortoiseshells tend to be sterile but he has been neutered to be on the safe side to prevent unwanted kittens being born in the future.”


Of course, we are all happy for Cresta. The dark days were finally over! He surely would have plenty of love and care to enjoy in his forever home.

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