Family Left Their Dog Tied Up In The Snow Overnight But The Neighbor Stepped In To Make It Right

The unfortunate dog’s owners had left her chained up in the yard and she had spent the entire night shivering in the snow. She would perish if she continued to be outside. She needed to warm up immediately.

The 2-year-old dog’s shivering in the snow was seen by a neighbor, who realized she had to take action. She then dialed Detroit Pit Crew Canine Rescue, a group that saves abandoned, injured, or ill dogs in Detroit, Michigan, and begged the rescuers to assist the unfortunate dog.



“We got a call from a Detroiter who appeared overjoyed that his neighbors had abandoned this small puppy outside all night in the freezing weather.”

Rescuers hurried to the site after realizing the dog was in urgent danger and attempted to remove the dog. It was against the law to keep a dog on a leash outside for more than three hours as of last February, and the owners of this dog had undoubtedly disobeyed that rule.

Although the owners were present, they would not speak to the rescue crew. After that, the next-door neighbor entered and persuaded the owners to give the dog to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.



Interestingly, the owners owned a second dog, and this dog was let inside.

Theresa remarked:

“[The neighbor] opened the door to show me the other dog inside and told me [the owner] had decided to put the dog outdoors since they no longer wanted it. I then proceeded to say, “Yeah, we’ll take the dog.” She is obviously wounded, cold, and unable to venture outside in this weather.



After the hardship she had been through, the rescue crew gave her the moniker Blizzard. Blizzard’s relief and joy were too much for her to conceal.

Theresa remarked:

“When we first picked it up, we knew it was sweet. She was licking the helper.”

The dog curled up and fell asleep as they placed Blizzard in their truck.



Her paws were bloated, inflamed, and frostbitten, so the crew brought her to the doctor as soon as possible.

Theresa remarked:

He will recover completely. She was quite chilly and the weather was pretty nasty.

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