Firefighters Rescued A Dog From A Burning House And Saved His Life With CPR

Fortunately, there are people who will go above and beyond to save the lives of companion animals when they find themselves in trying circumstances, as these firefighters from District 7 of Snohomish County, Washington did when they freed a dog who had been trapped in a burning house and also performed CPR on him. Companion animals are members of our families (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).



The incidents happened on Monday, and the firemen’ prompt arrival was due to a timely call. They learned about the family’s captive dog, Sampson, while they were there.


In a statement, the fire department stated:

“Firefighters entered the house forcibly and fast to start their search. The dog was located by the crews, who then took it away.”



Sampson wasn’t responding, but the rescuers wouldn’t give up on him, and fortunately, their efforts were successful. He received oxygen and was brought back to consciousness thanks to CPR and the use of a special animal rescue kit.


After his trauma, Sampson became incredibly frail and needed to be rushed to the veterinarian for a checkup. He was fortunately in excellent health and released the following day.

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