Golden Retriever Waited All Night At The Church Where He Was Abandoned For His Family To Return

Chino was tossed over a church fence one night a few weeks ago and left there. The devoted dog waited all by himself for “his family” to return that evening, but they never did.

The 10-year-old golden retriever’s skin was inflamed by mange and fleas, and his coat was damaged and bald from neglect. He was so emaciated that it was difficult for him to move, and his eyes were clouded and secretory. He first gave the impression of being blind.



The following morning, when church members spotted Chino, they immediately realized he needed assistance. The founder of Marley’s Mutts Canine Rescue, Zach Skow, drove over right away to see how the elderly dog was doing in Tehachapi, California.

Zach stated to The Dodo:

He clearly hadn’t been cared for, and his surroundings caused him to stagnate and deteriorate. We worried that he might lose his eyes because they were nearly rotten and had been terribly diseased for a long time.



Chino was immune-compromised due to years of improper feeding when Zach took him to the vet. He also had skin and eye issues. The unfortunate dog had cracked and worn teeth, perhaps the result of boredom-induced gnawing on a metal fence.

Chino’s prior owners are unknown, but Zach thinks it’s completely plausible they kept him outside and he probably didn’t contact with humans very often.

Says Zach



He hasn’t had anyone pay attention to him for years, in my opinion.

Chino started receiving therapy for his several afflictions right away, and after a few weeks, the results have been astounding. Despite having badly damaged eyes, he was able to recover part of his eyesight with therapy, and each day, more of his skin is recovering.

Says Zach



“He has just been acting like a different dog for two weeks. He runs, laughs, and plays. We didn’t even think he could run when we first saw him.”

In approximately a month, Chino is anticipated to be fit and robust enough to undergo castration. Although he was a very timid dog at first, he is now at ease and amiable with everyone he encounters.

Says Zach


“We initially believed that because he was older and hissing at us, there would be a problem. But he has a pleasant disposition. The usual golden retriever, he is.”


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