Hairless Skin And Wrinkles From Head To Toe, Meet Xherdan The Lovely Cat That Has A Extra-Wrinkly Evil-Looking

Meet Xherdan, a unique cat that at first looks so scary to everyone. Xherdan has wrinkles from head to toe and a very cold stare.

He may look different from other cats but he is such a sweetheart.



Xherdan is a Canadian sphynx from Rüti in Switzerland. He is so famous now because of his unique look.
Sandra Filippi, 47, saw Xherdan for the first time when he was only 12-week-old and loved him since that day.


“His wrinkled pink skin as fine as a peach, his turquoise eyes as blue as the ocean… I was in love!” Filippi told Bored Panda about her first encounter with her unusual cat friend.



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