He Stands Next To The Body Of His Deceased Mother In The Hope That She Would Breathe Again

Any animal advocate must deal with reports of animals going missing or having problems on a regular basis, and the volunteers at Wild Florida Rescue in the United States are accustomed to this aspect of their work.

When they get on the scene, however, and are met with harsh truths that are hard to accept, tension is created.


The rescue of a newborn deer on this particular occasion broke their hearts since the deer was hesitant to accept what had transpired.

The rescuers were informed of the situation by a citizen’s call: a scared deer was embracing its mother’s dead body on the side of the road.


They deduced from what they discovered that the family was out and about when the adult doe was struck by a car. The animal was left there because this guy lacked the decency to intervene.

The fact that the baby deer was standing close to the body as if waiting for the mother to wake up severely affected the rescuers, who were appalled by the spectacle and could not help but feel indignation.


This young child was just a few days old when his mother passed away, according to Crystene Prokop of Wild Florida Rescue, therefore he was not taken apart from the body. This deer followed the natural instincts of large deer to constantly cling to their mothers.

The volunteers knew the young deer had been abandoned on the side of the road for around 24 hours since it appeared dehydrated when it was found. Thankfully, assistance came, otherwise the deer would have met the same tragic end as the mother.

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