Homeless Dog Walked Around With A Swollen Head For The Saddest Reason

Independent dog rescuer Laura Forma spotted an odd-looking dog roaming down a street close to Houston, Texas. The dog’s body seemed normal, but its head was nearly three times bigger than it should have been.

Laura stated to The Dodo:



He was strolling with his back to the traffic as I was moving down the street when I noticed him. I just stopped and made an attempt to capture him, but he continued to run away. He showed no interest in me at all.

She made an effort to give him food, but he declined to accept it. After that, the dog vanished into a gated neighborhood and was forced to flee without being saved.


Says Laura


“I couldn’t locate him when I walked in and spoke to the guard.”

As soon as she could, she posted something on Facebook. Anna Barbosa, president and co-founder of Houston K-911 Rescue, a nonprofit that aids neglected and abandoned dogs, saw her message.


John said:
“When she posted it, I was nearby, so I walked outside to look it up. I unable to locate it. I inquired around, but nobody knew what she was referring to.


Later that day, when Laura finished working, she and two volunteers, Tom Heller and Rob Acuna Jr., hurried to locate the dog. They ultimately managed to capture it after discovering him concealed in a storage container next to an apartment building.


They gave the dog the name Gus and transported him to VERGI Animal Hospital, where Houston K-911 Rescue took care of him.

It turned out that Gus’ head and neck swelling was a result of a shoelace that was tightly wound around his neck.



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