Homeless Kitten Appears On The Porch Of A House And Decides To Stay

Orange Boy, commonly known as OB, is a wild but extremely lovely cat that lived on the streets of Boston until one day he appeared on a house porch and his life was permanently changed.

Lynne Gramer, a member of the Boston’s Forgotten Felines (BFF) rescue organization, saw OB while feeding some of her street’s wild cats.


Lynne stated to The Dodo:

“OB first appeared three years ago. When he arrived to eat, one of the cats attacked him. He had to feed him somewhere else ».

OB had all of the characteristics of a wild cat; he was terrified of people and would not allow anyone to approach him.


Lynne resolved to trap him one day in order to castrate him and thereby reduce the population of stray cats. After the treatment, the vet advised that he be released back into the wild because he was unable to be tamed.

Lynne stated:

“So I let him go again.”


Lynne stated:

“He would keep coming to eat. Sometimes he’d see him walk out at night, and other times he wouldn’t see him for days.”

OB showed up at Gramer’s place again one day and performed something incredible.

Lynne stated:

“I was seated on my porch when OB approached and touched my leg.” “I was taken aback.”

OB began to grow closer and closer.


Lynne stated:

“If I went away, he’d attack my leg, especially if he stepped into my house.” He literally took over my back yard ».

Although Lynne had a strong bond with OB, her life was becoming more stressful since she was also caring for another kitten and had a dog, whom OB occasionally attacked.

Lynne stated:

“At the time, I had nowhere to go, so I built a makeshift shelter in the yard.” Every time I looked outdoors, where he slept on my stairs, he crushed my heart. He sobbed, as though to implore, “Let me in.”

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