Hungry Puppy Found With Muzzle Tied Is Adopted By Officers

Chance is a puppy who was discovered with his lips shut and in appalling condition, having clearly been abused. But he was given another shot. He eventually regained his health, and the Sheriff’s office employed him.

Chance was found wandering the streets in Florida and was found by Lee County Pet Services, who called them after seeing him.


He was malnourished, famished, and bleeding from wounds on his chest and leg, according to Fox 13. He also had red duct tape wrapped over his nose.


Chance was seen by a veterinarian right away for a checkup, and at the start of March of this year, officer Richard Castellón made the decision to give Chance a special spot in his house.

Castello declared:

“I’m a dog person at heart. It was awful even when I read the narrative myself, you know… Animals are pure in heart.”



Chance, a one-year-old, now works alongside Sheriff Carmine Marceno at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Marko remarked:

He is a member of the family.


This dog managed to survive a tragic tale of cruelty, but many other animals are going through the same thing. Castellón makes it quite apparent that acts against animals of this nature cannot be condoned indefinitely.


Castello declared:

“We can’t let that happen. We cannot stand by while someone mistreats an animal.”


Marceno, on his part, said:


“We want to begin considering what we can do to make the sanctions more stringent. According to the county code, the current maximum fine for animal cruelty is a pitiful $500. Many would argue that this fine ought to be far larger.”

Lee County Domestic Animal Services employee Karen Fortiani said:

It appears to be a pretty modest punishment.



The animals continue to be neglected or harmed even after the offenders pay the fee.

It’s incredibly annoying. The same animals may be taken by authorities once, twice, or even three times. We saw the automobile striking them.

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