Initiative Gives Elderly And Terminal Dogs A Home For Their Last Days

A New York City-based organization has been working on an initiative to help these canines find a forever home because older or terminally ill dogs, who spend days or even months waiting for someone to notice them and give them a chance and unfortunately many of them end up being euthanized, tend to be adopted more quickly.

According to Sarah Brasky, executive creator of Foster Dogs, Inc., the brilliant concept of starting a specialized dog care program originated from many neighborhood shelters contacting the group asking for assistance for aging or ill dogs in their care.



The project was known as “fospice,” which is a blend of the words foster (to encourage or welcome) and hospice (hospice or asylum).

CBSNews reported that Sarah said:

“These dogs shouldn’t be allowed to pass away at a shelter because they are old and/or terminally ill. They have so few needs and lavish affection in return. It all comes down to offering a cozy place to live.



The “BarkBox,” a monthly dog subscription package that comes with snacks from nearby bakeries, money for the charity, and occasionally even a cute professional picture shoot, is normally sent to Fospice homes and families.

There are currently more than 3,000 New Yorkers listed in the organization’s “Foster Roster” database who are interested in caring for a dog in need. This initiative’s goal is to find homes for the animals while also ensuring that such homes are suitable for their requirements. 55 dogs from 22 rescue organizations have so far found homes.


One of the project participants, Tracy Slagle, said:
It’s crucial to make every day matter because you only have a limited amount of time with a Fospice.


This group is also in charge of paying for all funeral costs when a puppy passes away.


I aim to always have a “Fospice” dog in my home since I “can’t image not being in Fospice.”

The charity relies on donations to make all of this possible. In 2018, the program’s name was changed to “Chloe’s Fospice Friends” in memory of the late Chloe Kardoggian, one of its strongest supporters.


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