Kind-Hearted German Shepherd Loves Being The Best Pillow For Orphaned Deer His Mom Rescues

Given its intellect and docility of heart, the German Shepherd is a noble and protective breed of dog that is frequently trained to operate as a police or therapy dog.

On this specific instance, however, one in particular named Sarge did not require any form of instruction to become the adoptive father of the orphaned or injured deer who come to his house; this is something that the youngster does from the soul.



Sarge is from Ohio, and he has been the king of his owner’s house for nine years. His demeanor had been a little cranky since he was a puppy; he loved to nip his human’s paws when he desired anything and yelled wildly when someone attempted to touch his possessions. But when a new creature arrived, the puppy’s uncontrollable desires shifted.

Cheryl Stephen, the puppy’s mother, saw a wounded deer in the middle of the road and chose to aid him by carrying him in her arms, loading him into the car, and driving him home.


On the way, the woman realized that living with Sarge would be difficult, but she had no choice but to aid the injured animal, so she chose to proceed with the rescue.


The small dog appeared to recognize that the creature was in distress and was gentle and sensitive to the deer, whom they called Buckwheat.


“Something snapped on Sarge, and he rushed up to Buckwheat. He desired to be engaged in all parts of his care. He assumed the position of Buckwheat’s protector. “None of the other dogs could get near to the infant,” Cheryl Stephen explained.

Surprisingly, the tiny dog took up the position of deer keeper, and his greedy and surly personality changed dramatically.



Those toys that the dog despised sharing with the other household pets found their way into Buckwheat’s hands as a result of Sarge lending them to him without hesitation.

The furry one stayed by the creature’s side during his rehabilitation and relished the moment when the deer was able to get up again as a loving and protective parent.



“When we put Buckwheat outdoors, Sarge went with him to keep him from running away.” “As Buckwheat got older and started venturing out on his own more, we had Sarge hunt for him and bring him back home,” Sheryl recounted.

Buckwheat was fully cured and released after a few weeks, but the story that Sheryl and her puppy were assisting the deer spread around the village, and such visits grew increasingly common.


People began to call Sheryl one day after another to notify her about animals in need, and this is how various deer began to parade through the home.

When Sarge sees a new companion arrive home, he knows it’s time to summon his protective spirit.


“Sarge jumps into action when I walk through the door with a deer.” He wants to inspect them and sniffs and sniffs feverishly to evaluate his condition. Sarge attracts the deer, and they feel comfortable in his company. “Sarge never leaves his side,” the owner stated.


Although this dog and his owner do everything they can to assist the tiny creatures go ahead, some of them arrive home with injuries that are so difficult to repair or are in such severe condition that they can’t. That is a difficult scenario for the German Shepherd.

“He groans for days, with his head down, refusing to eat. Sheryl stated, “She has slept in the graves of her beloved deer and refused to enter.”

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