Kitten Trapped In An Abandoned House Screamed Hysterically Her Voice Was Heard By Everyone On The Street

Cleo’s mother gave birth in an abandoned house and ended up abandoning the ailing kitten after only a few weeks. Cleo couldn’t do much because she was so young and frail, so she sobbed as loudly as she could, hoping that someone would hear her.



Cleo’s cries were as loud as those of a much larger, older animal, despite the fact that she was only 4 weeks old. Cleo wailed and sobbed from deep within the home, and neighbors heard her all the way down the street. Finally, a 10-year-old child yelled for assistance, and a large group of people rushed out to save the strange animal trapped within the house.


Officers worked as rapidly as they could to get into the boarded-up residence, which required the assistance of the local fire department. As soon as the path to the entrance had been cleared…


…rescuers hurried into the house, surprised to discover that the loud sobs they’d heard were coming from tiny Cleo, who was curled in a corner of the house’s kitchen, drenched from the rain caused by the collapsing roof.



“We could hear her outside the home when we got there, but we didn’t know what animal it was at first, whether it was a dog or a cat,” Helen Smith, an RSPCA investigator, said in a news statement. “Her cries were so deafening that when we finally saw her, I couldn’t believe such a little animal could make such a loud noise.” She was waiting for help. Neighbors claimed to have heard her scream the street down.’ She was in excruciating pain and was malnourished and soaked through and through; she was in a bad way.”


The little, frail kitten was hurried to the doctor, who assessed that, based on her condition, she’d definitely been alone for at least four days. She looked to have a damaged eye after a piece of debris became lodged in it, but the doctor is optimistic that she will recover fully.



“It was a fantastic rescue that resulted in the finest conceivable ending,” Smith added. “The fire department’s team was wonderful, and we’d like to thank the 10-year-old child who contacted us after hearing Cleo sobbing — without his call, she would have perished alone and freezing in this abandoned house.”


Cleo is now secure in the RSPCA’s care and will soon be placed in a foster home, where she will be cherished and spoiled until she is old enough to be adopted.


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