Kitten, Who Was Abandoned Because Of Her Unusual Colored Eyes And Extra Fingers, Is Now Extremely Happy

She has finally become a new sensation on social media after being abandoned since she was born with extra fingers and other health problems. The lovely white hairball was born with an unique disease that led her to have different colored eyes and extra toes on her paws in New York City.



Earlier this year, employees at the city’s animal rescue center discovered Sansa, a six-year-old cat who had been abandoned.

Since then, she has amassed over 20,000 social media followers as a result of different online efforts, and she has finally found a new home.

Because she is unique, an adorable cat is abandoned.

Sansa’s new mother, Karen, told the Daily Mail:

“Many people have noted on how much they like Sansa’s individuality, with her multicolored eyes and additional fingers.”



Karen is a 33-year-old animal lover who works as a consultant for a well-known health-care company in town. She is usually focused on helping people with serious health problems and diseases, so she recognizes when someone need particular care.

Sansa was not adopted because of her unique characteristics, but rather to protect her from being confined to a cat cage, according to the woman. Karen and her husband met Sansa just before a rescue center’s cat adoption event in New York City.



While there were many lovely and sweet kitties, the woman’s attention was drawn to a cage holding a cat named Snow. The cage appeared to be empty at first look, with just a notice indicating that the cat inside was suffering from anxiety and had been abandoned by its owners.

Karen found that the cage was not empty as she approached it; the resident of this location was hiding under the bed.


Karen comment:


“Even before I met her, I had an instant connection with her since I suffer from anxiety, and I knew I wanted her to be a part of our family. Imagine my surprise when I saw I had more fingers and different colored eyes.

The mother brought Snow, now known as Sansa, home two days later, but it took the cat a long time to acquire confidence. She was very nervous, constantly scared, and hid behind the television whenever the door was opened; I just went out to eat.

Sansa had feline hyperesthesia condition, a rare illness that affects anxious or very agitated cats, it was later discovered.


Karen continued:


“Shortly after we returned home, we noticed that Sansa was acting strangely, rolling her back uncontrollably and attacking her tail many times a day. We couldn’t work out why he seemed to be in pain every time he rolled his back. This is something we’ve never seen a cat do before.

Karen continued, ”

“We filmed these incidents to show the vet, and they finally diagnosed the illness after some testing.”

Sansa was given many treatments, but none of them appeared to work until they tried CBD oil for dogs, which helped her stop having these periods. The kitty now has a more tranquil existence; she has claimed the flat as her own and has established herself as the new queen of the home.


Sansa wakes up around 6 a.m. to let her parents know she’s hungry, and if they don’t respond, she begins tossing objects on the floor.

Karen said:

“She understands exactly what she needs to do to win.”

Karen decided to open an Instagram account to document the activities of an apprehensive and genetically different cat since the furry one is naughty.


Karen comment:

“Because of her uniqueness, it’s a bit easier to catch people’s attention, promote awareness, and advocate for special needs cat adoption.”

For the time being, the lovely cat will continue to enjoy her new life with her beloved family, modeling her lovely distinctions to her fans.

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