Kitten Won’t Stop Licking The Biker Who Saved Him By Placing It In His Shirt

When a biker stopped on the road to save a cat from a bad fate, he couldn’t believe his eyes. After the cat was safely tucked under the young man’s shirt, the kitty continued to thank him with licks.



Training is a crucial aspect of reaching maximum performance for an athlete, such as a cyclist or an athlete. But they could only dream of becoming saviors of vulnerable creatures in the middle of their regular activity in a matter of seconds.

When you need assistance, a helpful hand will always be available. But what if you’re unable to get assistance? Animals aren’t always so fortunate, and it might be tough for them to alert humans to a danger.

Fortunately, a bicycle called Viitor Fonseca was in the right location at the right moment a few days ago to assist a vulnerable kitty who was on his way.

When Viitor, a Brazilian biker, saw this kitten, he realized he couldn’t leave it to chance in those location. He instantly raised it to inspect the kitten’s condition and noted how young it was; also, he was utterly alone.



Viitor realized that if he didn’t step in, the small kitten wouldn’t be able to survive for long. As a result, he decided to accompany the young child on a lengthy walk to assist him. He merely needed a place to carry him now that he was at his side; he couldn’t carry the kitten and ride his bike at the same time.


I’m not sure where I’d put the kitty. Of course, it’s on his shirt! The lovely kitty didn’t take long to adjust to his new means of transportation, snuggle in, and enjoy his stroll.



But how could this little kitty express his gratitude? It’s as simple as showering your savior with all the love and attention you can muster without falling from his transport vehicle.

On Facebook, a visitor documented his walk with the kitten:



Today, I was able to rescue a small life. I’m relieved he enjoyed it and did not scratch me.

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