Man Ignores Warnings From Firefighters And Takes Risks To Save His Dog

José Guzmán, a resident of California in the United States, is fortunate to be alive when he entered his blazing home to save Gabanna, his cherished 2-year-old female pit dog.

After a video of the daring rescue went viral, animal lovers all over the world hailed José’s choice, who said he has no remorse about entering the house to save her.



Jose stated to PEOPLE:

“I was aware that anything may have happened to either myself or the two of us, but I didn’t think about it at the moment. The dog belongs to my family. I was unable to leave her there because she had been with us through all of her highs and lows. If necessary, she would repeat what she had done, and she would do it for any member of my family.


On the day of the fire, José, his fiancée, and three other females were enjoying a BBQ at his parents’ home when he heard about a fire in his neighborhood. But since they had only just left the house an hour prior, he never anticipated that the fire was in his home. Nevertheless, he made the quick decision to go there to make sure everything was well.



When José arrived, the fire had already spread to his neighbor’s home, but by that point, his home was also on fire. The man then realized that the firemen were in need of aid from adjacent stations since they had ran out of water as a result of the fire’s ferocity.

José claimed he was not going to allow his dog Gabanna perish in this manner even while his human family was secure inside the house.



Gabanna was hiding in the bathroom, the only room in the home that wasn’t on fire, when José entered the house without stopping to think about what he was doing. Under the toilet, the poor animal was curled up in a ball.

To everyone’s dismay, José soon leaves to pursue Gabanna.

As Jose emerged from the flames, Adam said he found it “extremely emotional” to see the scenario develop.



“I was afraid of dying. He couldn’t picture rushing through those flames since they were so hot. That was it; I hadn’t seen him since. It was such a relief that he was still alive when he took off with the dog, and he also managed to free the dog at the same time.”

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