Man Returns Home to Find a Cat Waiting for Him, Although He Does Not Own a Cat

That day, the San Diego guy was racing late for work and accidentally left a window open. When he got home from work, he was surprised to discover a tabby cat curled up in his living room, as if he’d been there his whole life.

Woman Finds a New Best Friend for an Abandoned Kitten
“I was taken aback. He just meowed and raised his eyes to me “Love Meow was informed by Nigel. “He must have gotten in via the open window,” says the narrator.



The cat, who lacked a collar, began meowing and following Nigel about.

He assumed the kitten was hungry and dashed to the nearest store for cat food and supplies.

“Lil Gato was overjoyed. As he ate, he meowed and purred “he stated



“I went for a walk around the neighborhood for a while. My neighbors don’t have any cats.”

The next day, he took the cat to the clinic, but they couldn’t discover a microchip. He was treated for worms and fleas, and he was given the vaccines and medical attention he required.

The names Gato and Buddy remained since the kitten responded to them.



Buddy was immediately at ease. He leaped into the tub as soon as he discovered the bathroom.

“Gato quickly adjusted to his new surroundings, and anytime he takes a break from ripping about my house, he rests on or around me.”


Nigel continued to chat to the neighbors throughout the next week, but no one came to claim the kitten or know anything about him.


Buddy got very devoted to his human companion.

Nigel told Love Meow, “He’s a wonderful little boy, extremely level-headed.”


Buddy is aware that he has returned home!

“He appears to be enjoying his new surroundings. Buddy, my pal. He took me in as his child.”


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