Manolo, The Homeless Dog Who Became A Rescuer And Now Saves Lives After The Earthquake In Mexico

Following the September 19 earthquake, Manolo, a once-homeless dog from Guadalajara (Mexico), has gained fame. Following being abandoned at the Jalisco Attorney General’s Office, where he eventually found a home, the dog evolved into a rescuer and helped find a person alive who was still trapped in the wreckage of the textile mill that had fallen in the worker colony after the earthquake.



Manolo attracted the staff’s compassion when he first arrived at the Prosecutor’s Office and gradually started to play where the canine squads were taught. As a result, the dog was adopted and accepted into the organization.


Francisco Javier Enrquez Dáz, his companion and guide, is appreciative that this dog joined the group.

He has today save a life. Gracias al Procurador Eduardo Almaguer por su decisión de permitir a los gatos an adoptar y entrar en la empresa. Additionally, I want to thank Commander Gabriel Torres Bastida for raising them and for his unwavering love.



The employees, including Manolo, were trapped in the rubble of a fallen building on Bolvar Street while rescuers fought to free them.


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