Meet Inky, The Kitten With No Eyelids

Inky was born with a rare birth defect, called Eyelid Agenisis. In short, his upper eyelids did not form in the womb. It causes the eyes to dry out and the hair to grow into the eyes. Keep reading to find out more!



Inky was found by his ‘fur mom’ as a feral stray, he was so weak and blinded by the debris in his eyes she was able to pile him up easily, and so their bond began. This is his journey to adulthood and recovery; his first year.


Cats with eyelid agenisis can live a very normal life! Inky has a moderate case, and he can close his eyes using his lower lid. He has tear ducts but still needs drops every other day. Inky only required Cryotherapy to permanently remove the hair away from his eyes, but some cats need more treatment.


Cats like Inky are killed every day in shelters, no one wants them because they look different and sometimes need more care. But they are no different on the inside! Inky is fun loving, smart, silly and sweet!


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