Meet Orange Cat That Adores Travelling Everywhere- This Is Liebchen And He Will Steal Your Heart

Meet Liebchen, a cute and very outgoing cat that is stealing hearts in Internet.

Just look at this adorable face! He used to live at Rifle Animal Shelter, Colorado and later was adopted.



His family loves him so much. Also, he is so energetic and adores exploring around. Owner wrote to Bored Panda that cat is into “skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, swimming, on road trips, flying on airplanes – everywhere”!


Liebchen has such a lovely personality and his name means “sweetheart” in German.

“Liebchen has truly never minded the gear we put on him. We mostly try to only put things on him that are practical and have real use.



It is almost like he knows the goggles and jackets have a purpose. The goggles protect against snow blindness, sunburn, and windburn. They also help protect his eyes from dust or sticks in the summer. The jackets we only put on if it’s cold and if he needs them”, owner wrote to Bored Panda.


This orange cat might steal your heart right now! So cute!



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