Meet Ploy Thong, A Blind Elephant Who Was Rescued After 16 Years Of Working As A Tourist Attraction, Her Life Has Now Changed

After many years working as a tourist attraction in Pattaya, Thailand, a blind elephant rescued by Save Elephant Foundation employees finally arrives at her new home to live the life she so well deserves.

Ploy Thong was in her 30s when she was rescued, and despite being completely blind, she had spent 16 years carrying visitors on her back. She seemed to have utilized her sense of smell to find the proper pathways, but humans just used her as a mode of transportation for a stroll.



Prior to this, she was a member of a circus, where she performed a variety of acts to amuse visitors to the nation.

His days of service, however, came to an end, owing to the organization that was able to rescue him and alter his life.


While the Save Elephant Foundation was in the process of releasing another elephant, the organization’s employees learnt about Ploy Thong’s situation and decided they wanted to help her. They began negotiating with the animal’s owner in order to get her release and transport her to a sanctuary.


On YouTube, a staff member stated:


“Ploy Thong is another another elephant that we have decided to save.” He carried visitors every day despite the fact that he was blind in both eyes. They saddled her early every day and took riders until sundown.

The members of the group were inspired by the animal’s position; they had watched it labor despite its condition and wanted to free it from slavery.



They reached an accord and arranged his release after discussing different arrangements with the owner of Ploy Thong; his life would soon alter. He began his path to freedom there, then relocated to Chiang Mai, to the Elephant Nature Park, an excellent spot to begin his new life.

The staff thought it would be a difficult task for Ploy Thong to make new friends, but after observing his behavior, everything changed.



The staff expected Ploy Thong to have a tough time making new acquaintances, but after seeing his conduct, everything changed.

Ploy Thong approached the herd with caution, and despite the fact that they were separated by a fence, it began to emit a series of low vibrations. She apparently wanted to alert the other elephants to her presence, and the herd took note and came over to inspect the newcomer.


Several elephants raised their trunks to greet Ploy Thong, and several even linked their trunks as a show of friendliness. Everyone recognized at that point that Ploy Thong had been accepted into her new herd and that she may finally have a better life.

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